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The Burns Lake Solar Story

Who Are We?

Here is the section where you get to know us a little better. 

"Us" being Jason and Pam Bradbury, founders of Burns Lake Solar.

As well as being parents and small-scale turkey

farmers (maybe those are the same thing?), the two of us have diverse experience in the aviation sector and medical fields.  

Jason also operates a small diesel shop and was a truck driver in his former life.   

We have lived in places as far afield as Belize, Northern Saskatchewan and Yellowknife, NT, although most of our time has been spent in BC. 


When we aren't working on building a solar company or our house, 

we love to be outside.  

Activities like hiking, canoeing, camping, biking, and skiing

are our happy places.

So I guess what we are saying is that we come with a wide array of skills and experience that have shaped us into professional solar experts

made in the North, for the North. 

(And we raise really tasty turkeys, not to mention awesome kids!)

Our Solar Adventure

In the summer of 2011 we left our home in the Northwest Territories and moved to Burns Lake, BC.  The Deep South. 

Our property had no services in, and we discussed the idea of staying off-grid and going solar.  BC Hydro cemented the decision for us with their outrageous quote to bring in power.

Because of our inexperience with solar at the time, we opted for a plug-and-play system purchased from a company who shall remain unnamed. 

Suffice it to say that since then we have had to replace the battery bank, reprogram settings, rewire most of the system, and relocate all of the equipment.  

Also after more time spent living the solar life, and money spent on diesel, we have almost quadrupled the size of our solar array, with almost that much decrease in our diesel bill.


If we had know at the start what we know now, we could have avoided a huge amount of extra work and expense! 

Burns Lake Solar booth

The Business 

After our unsatisfactory experience with a cookie-cutter system,

and after 11 years of experience and research,

we decided to start Burns Lake Solar.


Our slogan, “Solar that Works”, reflects our desire

to provide people with systems (or individual products)

that are efficient and effective based on their power needs and budget.  This means individualized design and excellent quality products. 


To this end we have partnered with one of Canada’s largest solar wholesalers to provide high quality equipment, as well as a professional engineering department.  This means that we can provide the engineered line diagrams needed to make your permitting and installation go smoothly. 


On a more face-to-face level, we are committed to

offering excellent customer service, from system design

to ongoing support. 

Although we are small, we bring you personal service in a professional manner. 


Solar projects large or small, off grid or grid tie, Burns Lake Solar has the ability and experience to make your solar dream a reality.  

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