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Helpful Stuff

Here are some great resources we have found to be useful.  
We will keep adding over time, so come on back. 

Also head to our Videos page for some tutorials. 

Load Calculator aka "homework"

Here is a handy tool we developed for calculating how much power you will need.  We use the results to size your system.


Solar Load Calculator

Rolls Battery Maintenance Log

Find here a log for recording your specific gravity results when you test your batteries.




Using a Hydrometer

Checking the specific gravity of your batteries is an important part of maintaining a healthy battery bank, and of keeping your warranty active.



Instructional video

Buy one

Hydrovolt hydrometer

Renewable Energy Handbook

There are many books out there to choose from.  We found this one helpful when we first started our off-grid adventure. 

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renewable energy Handbook

Battery Handling, Maintenance, and Test Procedures

Peruse this handout for some helpful info.  It is put out by Crown Batteries, which isn't a brand we carry, but good information regardless. 

Read Here

Crown Battery Maintenance pdf

Burns Lake Diesel 

Looking for a versatile, honest mechanic with reasonable rates?  


Look no further than Burns Lake Diesel.  


Burns Lake Diesel .1.jpeg

Rolls Battery Manual 

Rolls batteries are Canadian made and superb quality.  They are what we use in our systems, including our own home. 

Here is their comprehensive manual. 

Read Here

Rolls Battery Manual

HandyBob's Blog

HandyBob has been instrumental in our success with living off-grid.  He and his wife started boon-docking  in 2000, and now are living off-grid on a farm. 

If you can handle his spicy, opinionated style, he has loads of helpful info!



Handy Bob's blog

Rotation of Your Batteries

An old-time off-gridder told us years ago to rotate our batteries. Here's how, and why. 

Read Here

Rolls Battery

The Sustainability Fact Book

Here is an interesting read looking at the sustainability of Lead-Acid batteries vs. Lithium.  It is put out by a company that sells lead-acid, but is a thought-provoking read. 

Read Here

Walking the Green Walk Sustainablity Fact Book

Backroads Map Books

This isn't technically a solar resource, but we have used these map books extensively on our off-road adventures and want to pass along!


BRMB Northern BC.png
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