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Quality Equipment

Clean Installs

Our Home System

This system is where it all started for us.  We bought it plug-and-play from a company who shall remain un-named.  Over the years, with much research, we ended up rebuilding or replacing a good portion of it.  (See Our Story for more.)

We now basically only ever run our back-up generator from October to March. 

  • 2 x Magnum 4448PAE inverter

  • Morningstar 2 x 60A, 1 x 45A charge controllers

  • 10.2kW Solar

  • 8 x Rolls 6CS-25P batteries 820AH  

Next up is a deeper battery bank...

The Neighbour

We gained new neighbours recently.  After getting the runaround by BC Hydro, and seeing our power system, they decided to go Solar with their new build. 

We provided equipment and installation help. 

Now they are sold on Solar and say they are never going back to the grid.


  • MiniMag Epanel 4448PAE inverter

  • Morningstar 60A charge controller

  • 3.6kW Solar

  • 8 x Rolls 6CS-25PS batteries total 853AH

No More Tangle

For those of you who have been on our Wall of Shame page, this is the rat's nest system.  

Some folks had a system installed by someone who called themself a professional.  

It failed electrical safety inspection badly.  


We were hired to provide the equipment and worked with other local professionals to bring it up to code.  

The end result passed with flying colours.  

Trailer Redo

A customer had purchased a trailer with a solar system already installed.  

Unfortunately it was an all-in-one charger/inverter, which failed, and cooked the Lithium battery on its way out.  

We had the privilege of supplying a quality system and restoring power to our happy customer! 

  • MinMag Epanel 4448PAE inverter

  • Morningstar 45A charge controller

  • 2.4kW Solar

  • 8 x Rolls S6-L16 batteries total 445AH

The Dry Erase

This is a whole-home off-grid system installed for a new build.  

This customer used a dry-erase to write their settings directly on the epanel.  

We thought it was a great idea!!

  • MIniMag Epanel 4448PAE inverter

  • Morningstar 60A charge controller

  • 4.0kW Solar

  • 16 x Rolls S6-L16 batteries total 890AH