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Includes the following:

  • choice of 2 or 4 x 125W Solar Panels
  • solar panel mounting brackets
  • rooftop combiner box
  • custom-built wiring to go from combiner box to Solar Charger, up to 15 feet
  • custom built wiring to go from solar charger to battery, within 4 feet
  • 2 x 30A ANL Fuses
  • TM-2030 Battery Monitor
  • SC-2030 PWM 30 Amp Solar Charger – only charger on the market with Amp-hrs based charging
  • Shunt – 500A/50 mV or 100A/100mV
  • 35 FT 4 conductor wiring harness with fuse-holder
  • Modular Crossover serial communication cable
  • TS-2 Temperature Sensor


Solar chargers, fuses, and shunt come pre-mounted on a board.


Contact us if you need assistance with installation. 

RV DIY RV Solar Basic Plus Kit, 250 or 500 Watt option


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