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Grid-Tie Hybrid

In order for your conversation with us to be most effective, we suggest that you have a look at this page before you contact us.  

We are happy to talk with you without your having done this, but it will make the process much easier for everyone if you do a little homework first.  

Most people who choose a grid-tie hybrid system are not looking for the off-grid lifestyle, but to supplement their power bill plus have back-up power during outages.  

This will involve establishing an essential loads breaker panel.  This means separating out the wiring and breakers for things that you wish to run during a power outage.  

These will be run off of your batteries and solar. 


To better understand how a hybrid system works, see our Solar Basics page

Go to our Grid-Tie page and follow those steps 

As a hybrid system is essentially just a grid-tie system with a battery bank added, head over to our

Grid-Tie Where Do I Start? page and go through those steps. 


What do you want to run in an outage?

Think about what electrical items you want to have running during a power outage.  We call this your essential loads.  

Most people think of things like fridge, freezer, well pump, lights, internet.  

Enter these into a solar load calculator. (We will have one here soon!) 

This helps to choose what size of battery bank you will need. 


Free Consultation!

Finally, contact us for a free consultation, we will work together with you to create an ideal system for you! 

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