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In order for your conversation with us to be most effective, we suggest that you have a look at this page before you contact us.  

We are happy to talk with you without your having done this, but it will make the process much easier for everyone if you do a little homework first.  

What do I want to run?  Calculate your loads. 

Figuring out what you want to run off of your solar power system is always, always the first step.  

Sit down and brainstorm all of the things that you would like to run off of electricity.

Don't forget things like well pump, sump pump, the computer, StarLink, charging your phone... 


You can print off our Load Calculator tool and use it, or find another that suits you better.  There are many out there, some do your math for you. 

TIP:  Appliances that make heat use up a huge amount of power, so it is highly recommended to use alternative ways of creating heat, such as wood or propane.  (Think stove/oven, hot water heater, dryer, block heating vehicles.)  Anything and everything can be run off of solar, but to run some things you need to have deep pockets, or be willing to run a generator more. 


Do I have sun?  Where?  

This may seem a silly question, but here's the thing:  if you don't have good solar exposure, you don't make any solar power.


Go outside and have a look around.  Do you have an area that is south-facing?  If so, is it free and clear of things like trees, buildings, and hills that would cast a shadow on your panels?  If not, can you create one?  


Depending on where you live, remember that the sun in the winter can be very low on the horizon.   


What is my budget?

Again, it seems obvious, but how much you can spend determines how big a system you can set up.  Have in mind what you are willing to spend to set up your system.  


Home or Cabin?  Maintenance?  Equipment Location?

While the above three factors are the most important to have an idea about, here are a few more things that make a difference to what kind of system fits your needs.

Is this a full-time or part-time system?  

Is it for your primary residence, or a weekend cabin?  This will affect what type of equipment is best suited.  

How much maintenance am I willing and able to do?  

How handy you are and how much time you have to maintain things like batteries will change what equipment is best for you.  

Do you have the time to maintain batteries?

Are you able to do heavy lifting?  

Can you climb a ladder and are you afraid of heights?

Where do you want to keep your batteries and other equipment?

The answers to this affect what type of batteries and battery containment would be best for you, as well as wire length and sizing.   


Free Consultation!

Finally, contact us for a free consultation, we will work together with you to create an ideal system for you! 

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