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Mufflers, cows, signs, and other randomness

Well, this week’s blog is written from the RV in Vanderhoof on our way to camping, after several hours spent in the Tim Hortons doing our taxes! All done and time for Tandoori and the bush!

Burns Lake Solar quad

Treasure or trash?? Last week saw the kids and I go on a bit of a quad adventure with some friends. Their son saw this treasure on the road and convinced his mom to take it home! 🤣

Cows. We are getting a couple shortly…cuz we need a new adventure and more work!! Looking forward to the end product though, yummy home grown BBQ!!

Beautiful grad gown in Williams Lake

In other news, did anyone see this gorgeous ribbon-skirt inspired grad gown worn by a young lady in Williams Lake?! See the article here.

Came across these two signs this week, made us laugh, thought we’d share. 🤔

Corrie Ten Boom

On a more serious note, also came across this one. Any of you who know Corrie Ten Boom’s story know she had a lot to forgive!

And for the last random thing, it was in the negative this morning in Burns Lake, and did you know that now there is a bug forecast on the weather app?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Off to bigger and better, have a great June weekend! Maybe we will get summer soon…

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