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Site Assessment Adventures

Friday started out with putting out fires in the office. Guess I'm not much of an office guy. Turns out as of two weeks ago Alberta code now requires all grid-tie inverters to be UL1741SB rated. Just a heads up to any Fronius fans, they don't meet that code. You should probably have a Sol-Ark anyways. Hey dude, I hope your weekend is better than Friday was looking!

To heck with all of this, it was time to get out on a solar assessment. Packed up the kids. Packed up the dog. Packed up the wife. And headed out.

Earlier this week we got a call from a person asking us to come out for a solar assessment. They threw out the name of a road that we had no idea where it was. And they had no phone or email. Gotta love those die-hard off-gridders!

So we made a call to a previous client, who told us to call a local business, who told us to stop at Noralee Resort and ask where these folks were. Can you hear the banjos playing yet?

Gotta love the North.

Asked the folks at Noralee, and glad we did. Our trusty Backroads Map Book would have had us driving all over hell's half acre looking for this little piece of heaven.

Didn't get far down that road when we came across a little blowdown. Note to self, start packing the saw. Well, we got a tow rope, so we got 'er done and got on our way.

Long story short, found the folks, had a great visit. They were excellent folks and super accommodating with the kids and even that dog! Hope to get them set up with a great little system.

Finished off the day with waves on a nice pebble beach and a meal on the go. Glad the day ended better than it started!

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