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Workin' on the (steep) roof.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of assisting William from William's Electric with a system that he was installing for the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation.

10/12 pitch. Not really my idea of a rockin' good time. Especially 15 hours of it. My shins are still burning. But I had an absolute blast with William and Patrick, his bro, and hope to work together in the near future on other solar projects.

A shout out to William, who was extremely flexible as the project unfolded, with it's unforseen challenges, as all projects have. He was also very safety-conscious without bridging over into the ridiculous. He had an extremely safe and workable system set up, so that as we worked 3 and a half stories up (with a pavement parking lot below), there was never a concern for my safety at any point. As some of you may know, I'm not really big on stupid and ridiculous restrictive "safety".

If any of you need electrical work done William's the guy.

Message me, I'll get you his number.

So for those of you that just have to know, 24 panels giving 11kW, mounted on east and west roofs. Fronius 10.0 string inverter, with all the bells and whistles. Fast-Rack with the Talon mounting system. First time I have had direct hands on with the Talon mounts, and it is a fantastic mounting system. Check our website for more.

Not much else this week to report.

Planting the garden this week so will be good to get that done.

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