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This is the charger we use for our RV, it works great. 


  • compact PWM Solar Charger
  • can be used with the TM-2030 battery monitor
  • unparalleled control over the charging proces, extending the life of your expensive batteries.
  • low-temperature charging cut-off at a user-specified temperature (10C to -5C)
  • compatible for lead-acid, lithium LFP, Nickel-Iron, and other battery chemistries
  • connects to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using Trimetric WF 2030
  • uses Amp-hrs returned in addition to voltage and trailing current criteria to ensure a fully charged condition, preventing sulfation and extending the life of your batteries
  • built-in shunt for measuring solar current

Bogart Engineering Solar Charger / SC-2030

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